Decision Date

<p>Did anyone else hear during their interview/visit during the fall that they were hoping to get the decisions out on March 24th? Any chance that this actually happens?</p>

<p>I've never heard of Rice's decision being let out earlier than the 29th of March of any year.... this year I think it is March 31st..but I may be wrong...</p>

<p>April 1st ...</p>

<p>I suppose waiting until the last minute lets them micro-adjust the final number of offers they send, based on whatever feedback they've gotten earlier in the process? Or maybe it's just a social thing, where they get to seem more "in" with the ivies? </p>

<p>Otherwise, there would seem to be an advantage in getting the word out as early as possible, so upper-echelon candidates (beyond the top few who've been wooed with likely letters and events) will be thinking positive thoughts about Rice.</p>

<p>^^ are they available online? or are we all getting letters? what if mail gets re-placed.. they're going to have a ton of kids freaking out..</p>

<p>they're online. You got a pin in the mail</p>

<p>wait, the decisions are online now???</p>


<p>i thought it's 5PM today, central time</p>

<p>it doesn't say anything on my status page.</p>

<p>is it the same website as the one linked in the email with the user id and pin?</p>

<p>yea it is inthemistylight</p>

<p>It is today. Got an E-mail at 7:43 Eastern</p>

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