Decision date?

<p>I've browsed the board and seen a few threads where users say they have received their acceptance letters already but I have yet to get a letter of acceptance/rejection. Does Fordham have an official date (for most schools it's april 1st) by which they have to send out all letters? Or do they just send them out in batches? I'm getting really antsy</p>

<p>im also waiting for my admission decision....</p>

<p>Which school - business, RH or LC?</p>

<p>me too! i applied to liberal arts at rose hill and still haven't received anything!</p>

<p>I'm still waiting for RH.</p>

<p>I also applied to Rose Hill's CBA.</p>

<p>....anyone know?/ bumpp</p>

<p>It sucks that we can't check our decision online!! AH! My friend is dying to know...</p>

<p>Wow a lot of RH applicants..I applied to RH as well, CAS not the business school. The letter Fordham sent a while ago said the decision would come BY april 1st, meaning it could be before or on the day of. One more week!</p>

<p>They go out in batches...large batches. Hang in there and good luck. You will likely hear by Friday or this weekend, it seems to me...based on our experience last year.</p>

<p>do they inform internationals via e-mail?</p>

<p>I got a ups express delivery mail.</p>

<p>i was just there at Rose Hill campus yesterday and they told me they mailed everything out and we will recieve them shortly...i hope by the end of this week = /.....</p>

<p>by the wayy does anyone if it is possible to tranfer campuses (Rose HIll to Lincoln) like after their 1st year???</p>