Decision dates are after enrollment confirmation dates

Hey all, I am noticing a predicament and I’m not sure what to do about it. Out of the 7 schools I applied to, 3 have already responded and given an enrollment deposit date of May 1st. The other 4 schools won’t be releasing their decisions until mid-May. What do I do about this?

If you want to transfer to any of the ones you’ve been admitted to place a deposit at that one. If you are admitted to any other schools post May 1, you can withdraw from the first school and deposit at the new school. The down side is that you will forfeit that first deposit.

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So aside from losing the deposit, there’s no penalty for accepting an offer and then backing out?


Nope, happens all the time when students get off waitlists.

On the other hand you’re not allowed to double deposit, meaning you can’t pay two deposits and plan on deciding over the summer.

Correct. It’s very common.

Another option, if you feel you can’t choose between the school with a May 1 date, is to ask the schools for an extension of the deposit date. Some might allow it, others won’t.

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Okay, thank you! One of my schools says they won’t release decisions until mid-May to mid-June…