Decision is out

My son checked his portal today and his status changed to received-decisioned. They do not post the decision online-it says he has to wait 7-10 days to receive an official letter from the admissions office, and they do not give decisions out over the phone. I can’t believe they make you wait for a letter and not post in the portal!! Anyone else have the decision status?

Yes, my son has been decisioned as of today! We didn’t expect it this early.

My son received his acceptance today!!!

When did you apply? How long did it take before you heard, my son just submitted.

Congratulations @cinnyminny.

Son applied on 10/19. It would be great to hear back in the next week or two.

Thank you and congrats needhalc! My son applied on 9/10, was decisioned on 10/22 and got his acceptance on 10/26. My older son who applied 2 years ago applied around the same time but didn’t get his acceptance until right around Christmas, so there doesn’t seem to be a set pattern or time frame they follow. I know kids who got decisions last year anywhere from mid November to end of January.