Decision time

<p>It's been a long month, and our decisions are due within the next three days.
This has been a difficult process in my house; most of the disagreements stemming from ** financial concerns **.
Who, honestly can afford to pay 40,000 US a year for an education? Unfortunately, partially due to my status as an international student, some of the finance options at the universities are not open to me.
We visited some schools schools this week - a hectic journey of hotels and tours but, I've decided I would be happy, comfortable, and able to work at Columbia (college).</p>

<p>The remaining problems are:
Stanford - Though I have wanted to attend since I was 9, I have to turn it down, because as an international student who didn't receive finaid, I cannot apply during my ugrad years.
Upenn - I was admitted for bioengineering, their "premed" track, which my dad feels would be more beneficial for me in applying to med school (so I'd have an engineering degree to fall back on). This prompted me to ask about switching from the college at Columbia to SEAS; which I've been told from one person that it is almost impossible, and from another person that switching from CC=>SEAS is easier that switching from SEAS=>CC ** does anyone have any personal experience with this?**
and finally, Rice. I do not want to go there, for the following reasons:
- The location is far (from Canada i comparison with Columbia)
- I don't like the location
- I was told to apply there "just to see" (My mum considered it a good school, but I doubted that I'd be accepted).
My parents want me to consider it for good reason:
- I was awarded the Edgar Odell Lovett Scholarship (1/2 tuition for 4 years)
- We have cousins living in Houston
- Similar academic education for a lesser price.</p>

<p>So you see, I have a dilemma similar to most seniors: choose a school based on finaid, or fit?
If anyone has personal experience with any ore these schools, or has already chosen one, could you please tell me why, and what your opinion is?</p>