Decision: Tulane, Pennstate, Maryland, or Purdue?

<p>Hello everyone! I am in desperate need of help with making a decision. I am currently an undergraduate student at Tulane University thinking of majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. So far at Tulane I haven't liked it as much as I thought I would, the people are not always friendly. Also, I am from PA so it is very far for me and it's harder to cope with that than I had previously thought. More importantly, I hope one day to become a veterinarian. I know I can get to veterinary school with a simple bio degree, but I feel sometimes that I'd like to explore things like animal science and other things that could be offered to me. That is why I feel limited at Tulane, there isn't much science to branch out to besides chemistry, biology, physics, etc. Therefore, I have been thinking about transferring to either PSU, Maryland, or Purdue. I visited PSU and Maryland and liked them both a lot. I liked the town feel of PSU and how they had sooooo many options major wise, like how they had a separate veterinary and biomedical science major and an animal science major. I liked how Maryland was close to DC for internships. I have not visited Purdue before, but I heard they have a good program for animal science. The struggle I am facing is the fact that for PSU, you cannot apply to the main campus going into fall of sophomore year so I either transfer their next semester or go junior year. Which school would be the best to go to in terms of the best animal science program, best research opportunities, and best in terms of getting a job in the future. Should I stick it out at Tulane or go somewhere where I could direct myself more in a path that I could potentially be more interested in. Responses are greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Hahaha whoa, I'm a freshman planning to major in ebio at Tulane as well and aspire to be a veterinarian one day.</p>