<p>has any of u gotten an admissions decision already???????</p>

<p>Not to be rude... but I hope that you used better grammar on your application. "Has any of u gotten"? Did you mean to say "Have any of you (or u) received..."</p>

<p>Dont mean no disrespect :-)</p>

<p>dude..i dont mean to be disrespectful myself..but unlike u..i dont care if wut i write in this forum is written correctly..get a freakin life...and stop criticisin ppl..get a girl or something and take ur head off grammar..dumb ass!!</p>

<p>i bet u havent gotten laid in a long time..</p>

<p>and to answer ur question..yes i did use better grammar in my fact..better grammar than u'll ever use..and i guarantee u dat!!</p>

<p>Why do people act so stupid on the internet?</p>

<p>agree 100%.</p>

<p>^ ^^...Tell me about it. However I have a hypothesis. If you act this stupid around people who you see every day then you will be cut no slack. So they use the internet as a means of "venting" their stupidity. </p>

<p>Highly amusing though...Fantastic read. Good job guys...When do the light sabers and machine guns come out ;-)</p>

<p>Chill out!!</p>

<p>nah.... light sabers are so uncool!!!!!
get out the AIM-120 AMRAAM Slammers and then we are talking!!!!!</p>

<p>AIM-120 AMRAAM Slammers? Why would you use an air-to-air missile to attack a ground target? XP</p>

<p>I'd start with the Navy's experimental 32MW rail gun and then consider an nuclear-explosion-driven coil gun...</p>

<p>Yea, we're going to need more popcorn for this battle.</p>

<p>And no, I haven't gotten my decision yet. I think they come out late this month or April first at the latest.</p>