Decisions are up!

<p>On the off chance that they were waiting for a 5:00 time period (offices would be closed - no one can call in) I just checked. The decisions on posted online!</p>

<p>yea posted online....unfortuantely..the same decision i got from the bypass trick.</p>

<p>rejected! :(
gpa:3.75(uw) sat:1820(1300/1600)</p>

<p>i kinda knew getting in would be tough.
well anyways, congrats to those who got in!</p>

<p>I was waitlisted, but I am mad at UNC because they made it seem that a lot of people got in after being deferred when only likee 10% did.</p>

<p>If you are waitlisted that means if space becomes available, you will be offered a spot. Try to not get too are still in the running. Others got outright rejections.</p>