Decisions Class of 2023

Does anyone know when Wagner College Theatre decisions will be announced this year?

Wagner is on spring break right now. I seem to remember my D getting her call mid-late March.

@LBSMOM Thank you! Fingers crossing for everyone :slight_smile:

Apparently some offers went out by phone today. S got his mailed acceptance early in March last year.

Generally they do phone calls - yes, I too heard a few offers have gone out.

@LBSMOM Thank you. Do you know if all offers were made by phone already?

@MTmama42 I do not. Figure if they are calling about 35 kids (give or take) - it may take a few days to get all the calls out. Also, just an FYI, if your kid is WL’d, don’t worry (if this school is a top choice) - quite a few come off the WL.

@LBSMOM Ok, thank you!

Fingers crossed for everyone! Keep us posted :smiley:

Yes… phone calls are currently happening. My daughter was accepted.

Congrats @VocalLex !!! Calls began Thursday and I read they will possibly go through the weekend into this week. Everyone should have letters by end of week.

Has anyone else heard anything since 3/9?

No, still haven’t heard anything, just texted a friend though that is a freshman in the program and she said the department chairs arent even back from break yet. so im assuming later this week. fingers crossed for me and everyone else waiting!

I read on a different thread that acceptances are divided up among different professors and they make the calls at their leisure. Fingers are crossed!

Good Luck everyone waiting on an answer. Just an FYI, in the class of 2021, there was quite a bit of movement OFF the WL. Also, if your kids really love Wagner, theater studies and arts administration kids can audition for productions and be involved with the theatre program. They can also reaudition for the theatre performance program sophomore year.

My S received a call on March 7 that he was accepted into MT

Apparently, I did recieve a call on thursday i just didnt notice. It was from Theresa McCarthy but no voicemail only when i called back did I know her name from her voicemail. I assumed the number was a college as the time period rn fits and the area code is (718) nyc. I searched it up and it led me to her name. Like I said before, I called back but no answer, however, I left a voicemail. I mean if she called, Im assuming its good news.

Does anyone know how many people were at auditions this year ?

The admissions counselor who was at the auditions told me 250

@dramamama3 WCT (Wagner College Theatre) instagram post said they auditioned “more than 250 prospective students”

Thank you @MTDramaMama1 and @"#booknerdmom"