<p>i understand that all ucs take credit for a score of 3 or higher for ap tests
this means that you can take less classes, fulfill credits faster, and be able to graduate earlier</p>

<p>however, i've been accepted to brandeis w/ a $15,000 scholarship, but i understand that their ap requirements are really tough</p>

<p>i've also been accepted to la, and am anxiously awaiting berkeley's decision- but i'm positive that i am not getting any financial aid at all
what should i do??</p>

<p>i'd really like to study on the east coast, but i'd like to graduate as soon as possible as well</p>

ucla or brandeis ??</p>

<p>if it was me, i would never decide on a school based on the ap requirements. you never know what classes you might end up taking (what your major could switch to, etc) and so you really don't know what you're going to need to place out of.</p>

<p>I really think you shouldn't base it on graduating early. If anything, it's usually the opposite--people usually want to stay for a fifth year more than they want to leave their third year.</p>