Decisions letters

<p>So the recording at the admissions office says decision letters will go out "the week of Feb. 15" and since Feb. 15 is a Saturday I have one very anxious D who is wondering when exactly they will go in the mail and if she will get an email first? We are OOS (Indiana) so that may take even longer to hopefully see that big Tigertown Bound envelope. And she unfortunately was very close on SAT scores, but not quite close enough (even with IB diploma, 4.3 GPA, and ranked top 3% in class of 620) to get one of those awesome early letters with merit $$ that others have been fortunate enough to receive (Congrats to all who did BTW!!). Would appreciate thoughts!</p>

<p>Wow Feb 15! Time is getting short. We’re taking my S to visit Clemson tomorrow. We’re OOS (North Carolina) but only 1 hour and 40 minute drive away from the school. We should get there in time to eat lunch at a dining hall. Can’t wait to see the campus. Is Clemson your D’s first choice? Has she been there?</p>

<p>Yes, Clemson is absolutely her #1 choice. And we have visited a lot of schools since she was a sophomore. I think she was getting worred she wasn’t going to have that “OMG, this is THE place for me” moment that many of her friends were having at other schools. But the aboslute moment we set foot on campus (after having just come from Columbia and visiting USC) she knew. And our admissions and engineering tours the next day only confirmed her initial feelings.</p>

<p>Wow I wonder if my S will feel that way. We’ve been to a lot of campuses too and though he liked many of them and felt he could be happy, there isn’t one yet where he had the feeling that it was the place. My S is more of a rural kid so Clemson could be a good fit for him. I know he’d enjoy an engineering tour, too bad we are going on a Sunday. We’re hoping to continue onto Columbia and USC but I don’t know if we’ll have time left to do that tomorrow. It’s supposed to be 66 degree in Clemson tomorrow. T-shirt time haha. Anyway, I’ll come back after we visit and post what happens. My S is focused on the practical and doesn’t want huge college loans to pay back. That should mean that our state school NC State will be a big contender and I think for that reason it was number 1 for him until Clemson accepted him and gave him one of those big OOS scholarships making it basically the same as in-state tuition. This made Clemson competitive with NC State from a financial standpoint. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the school tomorrow.</p>

<p>NC State and Clemson both seem to be terrific schools. “On paper” Clemson appears to be more highly rated by some (eg, US News & World Reports), and hopefully your S will get the feeling which of the colleges he visits is best for him. Clemson is certainly known for its spirit.</p>

<p>I didn’t get any emails or mail from Clemson until after I got my acceptance letter in the mail. For most of the schools I applied to, I got my letter a little bit before they told me I would. </p>

<p>We just came back from visiting Clemson and we liked it very much. Started by eating lunch in a dining hall and the food was good, among the best we’ve had at any of the schools we’ve visited. Loved the town and the campus. Although it was a Sunday, a chemistry class was having a review session (probably for an exam) and we peaked in. The only thing that we felt could be better is the library. It’s on the small side without a lot of stacks, though there were plenty of desks, cubicles, and computers. Compared to other schools we’ve visited (University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Penn State, NC State) their library could use an expansion or perhaps a second one just for engineering. Now someone may get on here and say that there is another library, please let me know if there is! I want to evaluate the school in the best possible light. Anyway this is going to be a difficult decision for our son because he loved the campus and the vibe, and it being only a 2 hour away. Clemson is a contender.</p>

<p>In past years, they sent them out slightly before the February 15. Hopefully that means its the week leading up to February 15. would love to know the answer to this as well. </p>

<p>There are two libraries in addition to Cooper (the main one). I forget what one of them is but the other is an architecture library (Gunnin in Lee Hall).</p>

<p>Just talked to admissions and she said letters will start going out “the week leading up to the 15th”. So the mailbox watch will start in earnest early next week!</p>

<p>When I was accepted to Clemson back in 2009, February 15th fell on a Sunday and I received my acceptance letter on the Friday before (February 13th). Depending on where you live in the country I would say Thursday/Friday or the Monday afterwards. (I was in Massachusetts)</p>

<p>Good luck to all!</p>

<p>On the library, Cooper Library is excellent - they have more than enough books than you would need for any undergraduate research. If a book is not available at Cooper (only happened to me once and I didn’t really end up having to use it for my project), they’ll request it from another university and you’ll get it within a few days (mine ended up coming from the University of Kentucky), They have librarians for each major who will help you with getting all the resources you need for your topic. So the size of the library and number of books is really a non-factor in my opinion (especially since now a days a bunch of journals/articles are available online).</p>