Decisions & Stats

<p>Were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected? What are your stats?</p>

<p>(Maybe someone has one of those charts, too...)</p>


<p>2060 SAT (650 M, 660 V, 750 W)
710 SAT II US History
640 SAT II Lit
4 on AP US Exam</p>

<p>Good GPA - (school doesnt't report GPA or class rank)</p>

<p>Daughter waitlisted</p>

<p>2070 SAT (760 V, 680 M, 630 W)
770 SAT II US History
5 on AP US Exam (only AP offered at D's school)</p>

<p>3.9 unweighted GPA</p>

<p>Accepted (w/o money)</p>

<p>4.0 uw 4.12w
32 ACT ( 34 English and Math 33 Reading 28 Science)
12 Writing ACT
National Merit Commended
5 AP US Hist
4 AP Bio.
Toughest Possible Schedule for School
Loads of extracurriculars and summer leadership things</p>


<p>2170 SAT (800 V, 600 M, 770 W)
~3.9 GPA unweighted, I think
Top 7% @ suburban public
National Merit Commended
5's on all APs: US History, World, Environmental, English
Study abroad in France senior year for 8 months
ECs: lots of plays and art and student gov't and improv and junk</p>

<p>Why was I waitlisted??? maybe not enough volunteering or interest or math courses, i dunno...</p>

<p>Wow---there are a lot of people waitlisted! And all of you guys have great stats!</p>

<p>waitlisted and confused...2260 4.0 unweighted with 8 aps by end of senior year (4 of the tests i got a 5 on, and one 3 in chem...) mostly honors/ap classes,most rigorous course in private very well respected school, 3 different sports, varsity soccer 4 yrs captain, plenty of volunteer work, an editor of literary mag for school, tutor, very involved in liberal current events group etc...i sort of am surprised with being waitlisted. i know some schools don't accept ppl they think will turn down the offer for a better school. does anyone know if kenyon does this? congrats to everyone who got in!</p>


<p>2050 SAT
3.9 GPA
Top .5 percet not competitive inner city public
ECs: good, i dunno...</p>

<p>did you people with amazing stats show any interest? how were you essays?</p>

<p>i think i got in because of my interview, my essays, and my ECs.</p>

<p>i thought i showed interest, and my recs should be pretty im really freaked out by this and nervous to hear from ivies soom bcus it just seems like a weird decision from kenyon...i got into ucla regents and berkeley honors program (regents pending) ucsc ucsb and macalester...</p>

<p>^^wow your stats are amazing! good luck.</p>


<p>SAT: 2280 (750 CR, 760 M, 770 W)
SAT II's: 710 Chem, 740 Math II, 790 World History
GPA: ~3.85 (unweighted)
5's on all APs: Chemistry, World History, US Government, English Language
Rank: School doesn't rank, but definitely top 10%</p>

<p>EC's: Lots of theatre, mock trial, co-founded improv troupe at my school, and lots of violin</p>

<p>I actually didn't interview (by the time I really got interested in Kenyon, it was too late). I did, however, go to a reception for prospective students in January at the house of an alum, and I wrote about that and the impressions it left me with in my Why Kenyon essay.</p>

<p>I got $16,000 per year (the Science scholarship). I'm actually really surprised by this. I wasn't expecting to get any merit money.</p>

<p>^^you applied after december 15th and still got merit aid? i wonder if that's common...</p>


<p>ACT: 30 composite
GPA: ~3.95 unweighted, 4.4 weighted
AP Spanish, AP English Language, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Literature, AP Calculus AB, AP Econ, AP Government, Honors Anatomy and Physiology</p>

<p>EC's: tons and tons of theater with several awards, lots of singing with one international medal from a competition in italy, founder and president of 2 clubs, some volunteer work.</p>

<p>Didn't have any interview.</p>

<p>i really don't understand why tons of people got waitlisted who have way better stats than me. well, congrats to those accepted!!!</p>

<p>Accepted! (with money - science scholarship thing)</p>

<p>SAT I: (1500 and 2270)
750 Math
750 Critical Reading
770 Writing</p>

<p>ACT: 34</p>

<p>SAT II:
780 Math 2
740 Chemistry
740 US History
660 Physics</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9 (unweighted) 5.1 (weighted)</p>

<p>Athletics: Crew 9-12 (varsity 11 and 12, but not good enough to be recruited) and Fencing 9-12 (varsity 9, 10, and 12)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: Forensics 11-12, Model UN 9-10, Orchestra 10-12, plus assorted little clubs that don't really mean that much and some general community service</p>

<p>I wrote an essay about how the only piece of college mail that I have on my bulliten board is a reading list from Kenyon...</p>

<p>stillwaiting, you issue is probably the showing interest thing</p>

<p>Daughter Accepted with Scholarship:</p>

<p>790 M, 700 CR, 770 W
SAT II Chem 660, Math Level 2 780, Spanish 740
33 ACT
National Merit Finalist
3.9 UW GPA, 4.4 Weighted GPA
Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages
Lots of Theatre Experience</p>

<p>yeah stillwaiting and everyone else waitlisted, you all sound fabulous. But from the letter I got from Kenyon, it seems like this year was particularly difficult to pick out. Also remember, that admissions (especially in the top tier schools in the nation) really choose you for who know what. This admissions game is hard to understand and IS very wacky. I'm sure you guys shouldn't get discouraged. All of you seem to be very talented.</p>


<p>ACT: 35
GPA: 3.8 (unweighted)
ECs: Journalism, filmmaking, writing</p>

<p>$16,000 merit but no need-based aid :(</p>


<p>SATI: 2040 (740 V, 650 M, 650 W)
SATII: 750 En 690 Math
International, so no GPA/rank...probably weakest part of my app, though
IB diploma program
ECs: Hockey (not recruited), volunteering, journalism, photography, writing (my "hook", I guess, I've won a bunch of awards and I write for a local paper)</p>

<p>I liked my essays, although my Why Kenyon essay was a bit boring...I did demonstrate interest + visit afterwards, though.</p>


<p>SAT I: 2240 (780 V 710 M 750 W)
SAT IIs: Chinese w/ Listening (720), French w/ Listening (800), Literature (750), French (740)
All 5s on APs: Latin: Vergil, Latin Literature, French, and English Lit.
Awards: National Merit Finalist, 3rd place in NYC Vergil Latin Competition, Finalist in the New York Shakespeare Competition
School doesn't do GPA or ranking.
ECs: Lots of theater (leads in shows, and directing), classical piano for 12 years, chinese class outside of school, tutoring piano, president of several clubs,
Did a summer with Columbia University in Beijing studying 3rd year college level Chinese; another summer studying Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.</p>