Decisions Today?

<p>So on the college boards website, it says UCSB will be notifying us from March 1st. On UCSB's website however, it says starting the 15th. Normally I would just trust that date, but on another page on UCSB's Admissions site, it says decisions are being mailed out starting the 1st. Does that mean that they will mail them 14 days before they announce decisions online? The excitement is killing me.</p>

<p>Did you get a letter in the mail inviting you to a reception?</p>

<p>No, does that mean that I did not get in :(?</p>

<p>Honestly I have no idea. Last year I had a handful of people from my school who got the same letter sent to "high achieving applicants". They said thay when they got there they basically sat them down and told them that they had been accepted.</p>

<p>Freshmen applicants will be notified of admission decisions on this site between March 15 and March 30.</p>

<p>Transfer applicants will be notified of admission decisions on this site between March 15 and May 1.</p>

<p>That's from the site.</p>

<p>No, I know that, but if you look under the dates and deadlines section, it says they start mailing out decisions on March 1st. I guess this means they mail them out way before they post the decision online. So I guess I should be hoping to get the letter by Wednesday or Thursday?</p>

<p>But they mail it out by batches, so probably by the time you receive it, it'll be on the site!</p>

<p>JoKaA said, "No, does that mean that I did not get in :(?"</p>

<p>Not at all, the letter goes out to high achieving students and the reception is a recruitment tool to try and convince those students to attend UCSB.</p>

<p>So has anyone's status switched from decision pending to something else yet?</p>

<p>No status update for me atleast. Where else on their site does it say that they'll begin mailing decisions out on March 1st?</p>

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<p>As I said, it also says that on the college board. My guess is that they mail them earlier so you don't have to see your rejection twice if you are rejected. I don't know though.</p>

<p>Note: Freshman applicants and Transfer applicants for Fall 2008 should make sure they have a password so they can view their admission decision, available after Monday, March 17, 3 p.m.</p>

<p>thats what it said on their site ...</p>

<p>^^^ yeah just check online on monday at 3. </p>

<p>ughhh soo nervousssssssssssssssssss</p>