<p>Share your decision results along with student stats and financial aid notifications. I have found that other's experiences that were posted on CC during the college search did help me along the path during our college search and admission process. Maybe we can help those that come alng after us.</p>

<p>I was quite impressed with UNH's communicatons with us during my son's application process. I can easily state that of all the college's to which we applied, UNH was by far the most timely and responsive in acknowledging his application, replying with a decision and merit scholarships, and sending a financial aid award package. Quite impressed with the schools professionalism and personal touch.</p>

<p>Son with 3.38 GPA (unweighted) and 2010 SAT superscored (720 CR / 680 M / 610 W). Class rank in upper 25%. 10 Honors and 6 AP courses. Excellent Music EC (Multiple Honors), Sports (Track), Key Club President, Community Service, 3 years of part-time employment. Will pursue Mechanical Engineering degree.</p>

<p>Applied -
Northeastern University - pending
Purdue University - denied
University of Connecticut - accepted
University of Maine - accepted
University of Maryland College Park - accepted (not engineering)
University of Massachusetts - Amherst - pending
University of New Haven - accepted
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - deferred</p>

<p>Merit aid for UNH was generous and much appreicated, totaling 19K (Presidential Scholarship - 16K, SAT Writing Award - 1K, UNH Engineering Award - 2K). However, financial aid award was only $500 and was the 2nd lowest of all schools to which we applied.</p>

<p>Regretfully, son will not be attending UNH this fall. With a total estimated cost of attendance at $47,850 and an out of pocket expense of $27,350 annually after merit and financial aid, it is just not a good value.</p>

<p>Best of luck to those who will attend UNH this fall...Go Chargers!</p>

<p>OK USNchief, I am sorry to read you have not chosen UNH. At what price point would you consider it a good value?</p>

<p>My son has decided on UNH out of the schools he has looked at. His GPA and SATs are extremely close to your son's, his extracurricular school activities fewer, but he was strong on activities outside the school environment, and about the same Honors / AP classes. His Merit Awards from UNH totaled $22k - very close to your situation.</p>

<p>And I consider the balance for him to attend UNH a VERY good value.</p>

<p>I am sure UNH is a good school, however it was not high on our list. We just added it solely as an academic safety. Any cost above our in-state flagship school's cost would put it out of play.</p>

<p>That being said, I was very impressed with UNH's professionalism and marketing. Good luck to your son and to you as he begins his college journey.</p>

<p>Applied -
Northeastern University - waitlist
Purdue University - denied
University of Connecticut - accepted
University of Maine - attending
University of Maryland College Park - accepted
University of Massachusetts - Amherst - accepted
University of New Haven - accepted
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - waitlist</p>

<p>Got a call from UNH yesterday, informed me I was accepted and recieved a Merit based scholarship (I dont remember which one). My stats are 3.45 GPA, 1660 SAT (580 CR,530 Math, 550 Writing)</p>

I just got an email saying I was accepted to their business program. Idk if I got any form of scholarship. My stats are 3.4 GPA, 1670 SAT