<p>im an international student. i havent recieved any email, any mail, no nothing. has anyone else heard. and do you know when we are to gt an email. or have the envolopes been sent by DHL or snail mail!</p>


<p>saket, as far as I know international students are emailed this week, you will probably get one tomorrow, watch your inbox</p>

<p>Out of curiousity, are you at a UWC school?</p>

<p>as a matter of fact i did apply to UWC, india. but as we know this is the most competitive to get in. over 3000 applicants and only 35 places. i got shortlisted but didnt get in. even though i was a sibling. but anyways, are you from an UWC. and did you get into WLU.</p>

<p>and one more question. applicants are emailed all together, right? regardless of them being accepted or rejected or even waitlisted!</p>

<p>No I did not go to a UWC, I'm an American student (though I was born and lived 6 years abroad), which is why I can't answer your questions about how applicants are emailed. I know letters are all sent out at the same time, but I don't know what goes on with emails to internationals. I will be in the admissions office tomorrow and I will try to get an answer for you if you still have not heard by 4/5PM Lexington time.</p>

<p>thanks soo much! youre great!</p>

<p>saket - you should get an email on monday</p>

<p>Wait-listed...unfortunately. And it was my first choice school! I visited twice (and I'm from northern New Jersey, so it's not close)...I loved it. </p>

<p>I got into Trinity, which is my second choice, but I'm still hoping to go to W&L. </p>

<p>Does anyone know how many students are on the wait list, or the earliest we'll be notified?</p>

<p>hey dima343 - i called admissions office too. they said intels get it on monday. how difficult is wl to gt into? and are they generous with aid? W and L is my second pref after wake forest. but i dont think im gonna get in in either. so i guess ill be going to brandeis.</p>

<p>u mean next monday??</p>

<p>The day after tomorrow</p>