Does anyone know when the letters generally get sent out? Or do they call? What has been the pattern in past years?

@spidertess I know of some who have been accepted to the program. My D auditioned at LA Unifieds and hasn’t heard anything yet. I believe acceptances are rolling, not sure about rejections.

They have been calling with acceptances.

My D got waitlisted today via email.

Do you know if any rejections have been sent out for University of Arizona? I’ve heard people are getting calls with invites and some have gotten waitlist e-mails but I haven’t heard of anyone getting their rejection letter yet.

A friend’s D got waitlisted today via email

@kschuh D hasn’t heard anything yet.

D just got an email “we regret to inform you…” and so did a friend of hers. They both auditioned at LA Unifieds.

@KSchuh Did you guys receive anything by email today?

I got waitlisted two days ago!

My D got a WL email on 3/5. Auditioned at Moonifieds in November.

Does anyone know how the waitlist works? Do they accept, let’s say, 15 then waitlist 30 or do they accept 30 hoping for 15, then waitlist less?

Also- can anyone speak to WL movement and if there’s any $ left for anyone who might come off the WL?

@NoDayButToday son is getting ready for Moonifieds and wondering if you could PM me and let me know where your child ended up. We are already stressing and I hope he can make it through the application and audition process.