<p>Does anyone know when the decisions will be coming out?</p>

<p>Late of March</p>

<p>I wrote to the Admissions Office. They said " In less than a week"</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>OMG... keep praying ..."in less than a week" is so nearrrrrrrrrrrrr
good luck everyone^^</p>

<p>how do we find out? do they email?</p>

<p>I got an email. I am in!! :)</p>

<p>congratz andykcom!!!!!!!! When did you get this? Just a few moment or hours??</p>

<p>Cool, i makes me worried. I haven't received any email...</p>

<p>I'm international, that might be the reason for being informed via email. It came on late Friday afternoon EST.</p>


<p>Can you show me how does it look like?</p>

<p>damn it. now I am worried.</p>

<p>where are you from, andykcom ? Start worrying too........</p>

<p>starting worrying!!! I'm an international too...hope they'll send email...or whatever it is..</p>

<p>After reading all of these, I think there's no need to worry. Only andykcom got in. Maybe he's excellent or has some personal connection ( just a guess )^^.
Lots of international applicants on CC. But just one is accepted. There's still hope, right?
Adcom have made their decisions already and we will receive email soon.
Keep hoping and I still say GOOD LUCK EVERY ONE!!! ^^</p>

<p>If any one has contacted the admissions office, do you know when are they actually emailing out to the internationals?</p>

<p>i want to know either</p>


<p>We did want to send all of our decisions last week, but had a computer complication. We will be sending the rest in the next 48 hours or less.</p>



<p>Wow, so soon? I applied exactly on the deadline the 15th Feb. They are processing applications quite fast then. Gosh, this thread has had a flurry of activity.</p>

<p>Well, good luck guys and gals. Finger crossed.</p>

<p>So, are they emailing internationals only? Will US applicants have to wait for snail mail?</p>