Declaring a major

<p>Hello. Any guidance would be appreciated. My son has started to fill out the common app. Other than asking academic interests, and career interests, there is no place to apply to a specific program within a university? So if he is interested in business, or journalism does he choose those majors, once he is admitted? Do you declare only as a junior, or can you directly apply to a specific school? Thanks , the application seems so generic, I don't see how the schools will really see a students particular future interests.</p>

<p>Depending on the college, there might be different admission requirements for a particular school in their supplement.</p>

<p>I know Columbia had its applicants select which school they wanted to apply to (either Engineering or just the general College), and I know Princeton had their engineers fill out an additional essay. </p>

<p>The major that you select under Common App is very important. Make sure that you're honest about your intentions and aspirations, and the school will evaluate you accordingly.</p>