Declaring Psychology

<p>So I think Im going to declare psychology next fall. The problem is that I have a lot of unit coming into berkeley from AP credit so I have more than 80. And the psychology website recommends declaring psych before 80 units which is impossible for me since i haven't finished all the prerequites and won't finish until next fall. I was wondering what I should do in this case.
Also do I need to declare 2 majors simultaenously if i plan to double major? Or can i declare one as if i am only majoring in that and then declare the other maybe a semester or two later?</p>

<p>No, the AP credit or prior college credit doesn't count toward the 80 units limit for declaring, this is from the psych website:</p>

<p>"If you entered UC Berkeley as a freshman, you must declare the major prior to the accumulation of 80 semester units, including work in progress (AP or college credit obtained in high school do not count towards the 80 units)."</p>

<p>And yes, it's fine to declare one major before the other.. no need to declare simultaneously. (I'm probably doing the same thing)</p>

<p>LOL thanks, wow I can't believe I missed that on the psych website...</p>

<p>Sorry if this is a stupid question, but can you apply for Psych while you are in the process of completing the prerequisites? (Some majors allow this)</p>

<p>For example, if I am going to fulfill all the prerequisites by Spring 2011, can I apply at the end of Fall 2010 or do I have to wait until I actually complete the courses and apply at the end of Spring 2011? (This is to say that I will have 2 more prereqs left and plan on taking them in Spring 2011)</p>


<p>I don't think they'll let you declare, unless you've finished all the prereq's or are concurrently taking them the semester you're applying in.. you can double check about this with psych advisors in the student center (3rd floor in Tolman), but you should be able to declare sometime during Spring 2011 then..</p>