<p>Today I sent in my letters of Declination. I am sure that I want to go to Brown, especially after ADOCH, but I felt horrible saying no to the other schools I was accepted to. I guess all that is left is to hope that I made the right choice. Was it hard for anyone else, or were you already certain enough to not have any doubt...</p>

<p>Yep, I'm working on doing that now. As much as I love Brown, it was an unbelievably difficult decision and I feel like a horrible person telling my other schools, "Um, thanks, but no thanks."</p>

<p>I felt really sad when I sent in all my "no" cards, even to schools I didn't really want to go to. With every card, I envisioned the best possible, unique life I would get at that school,but then I snapped out of it when I realized the best possible, unique life that I would get at Brown.</p>

<p>yah, one school makes you list EVERY place you applied, in the order of preference, and what happened with each one. On one hand it makes me that much more guilty, but on the other its like, excuse me? MYOB!</p>

<p>But yes, so many roads not taken...gah I hate roads not taken...they haunt me in my sleep!</p>