Decorative patio lantern that provides real light

I have a very dark side patio that I’m turning into a little oasis for small evening gatherings. It’s super dark. I have some nice candle lanterns but it’s still too dark to actually be usable at night. I’m not interested in stringing up lights, Edison bulbs, etc…

I’ve been scouring the internet looking for a patio lantern that is decorative but will actually provide some real light. I’m finding nothing appropriate.

If it wasn’t this style, I think this type of lamp would be ideal, but it would look really weird with the rest of the patio.

This one seems close, but it’s the wrong color and maybe a bit too large to sit on a table. I can’t tell if it provides decent light, plus it’s battery powered. Alpine Battery Powered Integrated LED Outdoor Lantern with Electric Candle & Reviews | Wayfair

  1. Must produce some actual light, but not glaring like a camping lantern.
  2. Must be decorative.
  3. Must be suitable for table top.
  4. Ideally metallic finish (bronze or antique metal.) A good coating of Rustoleum works wonders though.
  5. Not break the bank, ideally.
  6. Rechargeable LED preferred to batteries.

Any suggestions?

Does it need to be an actual lantern style? They make rechargeable LED table lamps but they look very lamp-like, not lantern-y. It’s only a little more money than the West Elm one.

We gave up finding a patio lantern with enough light and installed a motion sensor flood. It’s not pretty but we have plenty of light to entertain at night and it stays on until people leave.

How about something like this:

That’s getting closer. Maybe I’ll have to settle for an outdoor floor lamp.

Thanks folks. Any other suggestions welcome.

Have you tried smaller solar powered lights? They’re mostly used for lighting up pathways/sidewalks but I think you could stick them in the ground around your patio. The few I’ve seen come in packs of 10 and is around $40-50, which might be too expensive idk.

It seems to come in different sizes, including a table top size. But, I’ve never actually seen it in person, just looking at the Amazon description.

They aren’t bright enough, and yes, I do have some already. But overall, a good idea.

Thanks to all again, because now I’m thinking I might get something like this, which is several feet tall. Kenroy Lighting 35213BRZ Tanglewood 11 inch Bronze Outdoor Floor Lamp

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IMO, light from above is much better for illumination than tabletop lanterns. Do you have space there for a cantilever umbrella? The ones with LED strips generate quite a lot of flight. We have one of those and love how we can even read under it.