Deep Springs 2017 entry

Anyone else considering applying to Deep Springs this fall? Would be interesting to hear the thoughts of y’all about the whole process.

If you have to ask, it’s not for you. You are not likely to get in. Just think about it, write the essays, and take the process as it comes. If you don’t know whether you want to commit to writing the essays, and you want to know others’ opinions, forget about it. It’s not for you.

Yes, I am planning on applying this fall. I found the second prompt exciting-- looking forward to delving into the worlds of these two very interesting thinkers. They’ve let us loose-- lots of room to roam!

And I would have to disagree with the previous post (no hard feelings!). First off, he wasn’t asking whether or not we think he should apply, he was asking for our thoughts. And from what I’ve gathered, intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness are two essential traits at Deep Springs. To add to that, the simple act of starting this conversation shows a level of interest and initiative. There are very few guys our age that this would be a good fit for, but if you are considering at all, I’d say by all means, go for it! You never know what could happen :slight_smile:

What was your initial reaction to the whole process?

I am currently a college freshman and am applying to go to Deep Springs next year. I also have disagree with the first guy about asking to get information to determine if it is for you, but I do agree about completing the entire application process before absolutely determining if it is or isn’t for you.

A week until the deadline… How is everyone feeling about heir app? Doing on their essays?

What other schools are you guys applying to?

I’m applying! My grades probably aren’t high enough tho, so I’m not expecting to make the first cut

Very cool! Mine aren’t off the charts either… From what I’ve read and the few conversations I’ve had, I feel like DS puts a lot more weight on essays. It’d be so interesting just to make it past the first round and see the college, even if I didn’t get in.

Please . … @professortea you act like we’re in some jewelry store on 5th Avenue: if you have to ask you can’t afford it. Please. It’s not that special. Seriously. (And neither is that priceless jewelry)

How do people feel about their application now that that the November 7 date has passed? My sat scores were a bit low compared to their admit average. When they say mid-December, do they mean around December 15?

I spent a decent amount of time on my essays, so feel pretty solid about my app. Yeah, my test scores and GPA are the weakest aspect of my profile. At this point, I feel a sense of my resolve that its out of my hands.

From what I read on older forums, I think it varies year to year-- some times before, others after.

What was your take on the Rousseau/ Savio essay?

@LigerMan My biggest problem with the Rousseau/Savio essay is that I wasn’t sure I we could use outside sources. Because of this, I only focused on the excerpts they gave resulting in a somewhat short essay. I’m just hoping my essay, which is lacking in word count, can make up for it in overall substance.

I have a very random question that purely comes from curiosity. Do they accept people with GEDs? I think it would be interesting to know.

I did a little reading for context, but I took the prompt as asking mostly based on those two quotations.

I’m sure something as arbitrary would be no concern as all. From what I can tell, they’re much more interested in how you think, write and what one can offer the community!

@LigerMan How many books have you read the past year?

I don’t know exactly… I think I included around 30.

I only included about 18 books. That’s probably disappointing to the admission committee.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about things like that. They’ll want to know that you’ll be able to survive the rigorous academics, but after that, I think it simply comes down to how and what you write, create, and think.

When will we hear back from the apcom?

@RUHTRA999 They say mid-December on the website.

To those applying, what was the appeal that sold you on DS? What other places are you applying to?