Deep Springs 2018 Entry

Just wanted to create a new thread for those applying to Deep Springs for entry in 2018. Hoping to discuss/bounce ideas off each other so we can tackle the application. I will repost on the thread once the application is out.

Currently planning on it–can’t wait to start on the app.

I plan on applying transfer. I made some mistakes in High School, especially in my final semester when I overexerted myself. After hearing about this college, I thought it would be the best fit for someone like me. Does anyone know when the transfer application is? And average test scores?

@HipHopIsMade theres no separate transfer app, use the normal application.

Im super pumped to apply-- tbh, I’m hoping just to get into second round so I can visit.

Do you know if you can apply ED to another college while applying to this one? So just in case ED doesn’t work out, I might still have a shot at DS.

Out here trying to get into college where I can raise pigs and ride monster trucks to prove my masculinity! YEAH MASCULINITY

“The online application for the 2018-2019 year will be posted September 1, 2017.” was just added onto deep springs website. Is this later than usual? I wonder if women can apply this year

Anyone here an international student? And if so, does anyone have any understanding of international grades and how they interpret them? My highschool grades aren’t great, but I’m hoping my act and essays will speak for me.


“Update on Coeducation: We are sorry to say that currently, we are NOT able to accept applications from women for the 2018 entering class. Deep Springs is pursuing legal permission to become a coeducational college, but the legal process is lengthy. Although two courts have so far ruled in favor of Deep Springs going coeducational, the lawsuit is not yet settled. The college cannot admit women until the entire legal process is settled. See Coeducation Updates for more information.”

I hope this answers your question.

@00005L @MaizeScream but maybe ???

“Coeducation: Is it Possible in 2018?
At the Centennial, many people asked if we could go coed in 2018, a year from now. “Are there facilities changes we need to make? Is it even possible?” To be honest, we don’t know. There has been an injunction against any coed planning for almost five years now. We need to dust off the plans and pick up where we left off. But when the injunction hit, we were only five and a half months from admitting women. We had received many excellent applications. We are eleven months away from July 2018, when the class of 2018 will arrive, so we have twice as much time left now as we did last time. This doesn’t prove that it’s possible, but it’s a hint that it might be. If we can prudently and professionally transition in 2018, then we would certainly like to!”

@HipHopIsMade Hey there, I’m a transfer applicant as well! You messed up in high school, I didn’t go–so we share that in common. Are you interested in the college because of its intentional community aspects?

I am applying as well. Like @MaizeScream, even if I’m not invited to attend, I will be very happy and honored to pass round one. I’m sure that even just visiting the college will be amazing, let alone attending for two years.

If I don’t get in for 2018-19, I’m going to keep applying every year until I can’t anymore. It’s funny that my only regret about having done Running Start arose when I found out about this college—because they don’t accept apps from people with a four-year degree. That means I have two fewer chances…

I’m sorry for the double post, but I don’t see an edit button. I wanted to tell you guys about a book I’m currently in the middle of. It’s about the founder of Deep Springs—L.L. Nunn—, his legacy, and the college’s history. It’s titled “The Electric Edge of Academe: The Saga of Lucien L. Nunn and Deep Springs College.” The author is Jack Newell, who served as president of DSC from 1995 to 2004. I’m fascinated by it, and I’m sure many of you would be, too. The college is so unique, I’ve devoured every source I could lay my hands on!

Yo, that is pretty cool Bladesinger. Out of curiosity what other books have you been reading recently besides Deep Springs related stuff? I finished Ishmael by Daniel Quinn a few months back. Recently I’ve been reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig. Ishmael gave me a new perspective to think about in regards to civilization and I’m not far enough into Pirsig’s book to really have a handle on it yet. I just got to the part where the narrator starts mentioning Phaedrus.

Apps are open!! Good luck

Coeducation has also now become an option, for those of you concerned about it!

I am an international student from Guadalajara, Mexico. Do you have your school grades as letter ones of percentage ones?


I wonder if the class size will be twice as large now? If not, RIP us :frowning:

@brycevick1 I’ve heard about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; it looks very cool and I hope you enjoy it more as you get further into it! I’ve just recently finished Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. The former had a larger impact on me. I’m currently reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and Hormones: A Very Short Introduction by Martin Luck (Oxford UP). Books I have up next on my list that are waiting on my shelf are two more AVSIs—Hegel and the Dead Sea Scrolls—, Essays by Michael de Montaigne (so excited to read that one!) and Great Dialogues of Plato (Excited about this one, too!) Unfortunately, it was only within the last few months that I began reading much nonfiction outside of school. It’s been very gratifying but I hope the disproportionate ratio of fiction to nonfiction won’t turn off ApCom.

@MaizeScream, I have read in multiple sources that Deep Springs is reluctant to increase the size of the school. The minuscule, tight-knit community is very, very important to them and a doubling of enrollment, even of such a small number, would, I think, be a detriment to that facet of the college’s educational atmosphere. So our chances have been halved, but it’s for a good cause!

Also, I received my SAT scores this morning and very happy to say I scored in the national 99th percentile! But I’m very sad to say that with NO preparation I scored HORRIBLY on the essay. I shouldn’t have taken it. :frowning: Maybe my essays for the application will redeem me?