Deep Springs 2019 Entry

How is everyone feeling about the application process?

The application portion of the Deep Springs website has been updated. The application for the 2019-2020 academic year will be posted on September 6th.

Yay, today’s the day!

yo where is the application? is it up yet? it just says that it ‘will be posted’ but 9/6 is almost over

It’ll be posted eventually, best not to get worked up about the specifics I think.

ya u right. rip

Ah, it’s here as of 10:30 central! Imma be dreamin about these questions

Let’s go!!

Interesting array of questions. Good luck on your applications everyone. Do you think they read the applications on an ongoing basis or all at once?

Very talkative applicants this year…

I’m assuming they read them all at the same time amongst the application committee, thats how it seemed last year :slight_smile:

What did you guys put for the when you’re 35 essay? I’m worried that I have visions of grandeur and that’ll hurt me, but I’m modest about it in the essay? You think that’s ok? Also, I just took the SAT for the fourth time, not incredibly happy with my score from last time but I think it’s passable, what did y’all get?

Hi LukeRatkins,

For my 35 essay, I suppose I answered it in a rather abstract manner. I basically said I didn’t care what career I had as societal stigma doesn’t define me as a person. My main point was what I want to be when I’m 35 is happy. As long as I’m true to myself and happy I don’t care what path life has in store for me.

I’m sure Deep Springs also said they dont really care about SAT scores and although you probably already know this, you didn’t have to submit them if you didn’t want to. I scored a 1510 in October but my essay score was a terrible 7/5/8.

Hi guys. I applied but I do not think I will make it to the second round. I went through last years’s thread and saw just how many people were rejected who have similar backgrounds as I. Who else is worried?

Hi Wildermind,

I think we’re all a but worried but don’t let something like your background discourage you. I think as long as your personality shines through in your essays, you should be fine. But then again, I’m not 100% sure what they’re looking for either way. It’s just if I were ApCom, I would focus more on a persons traits rather than there background.

Hope that helps!

To address the questions raised by Luke:

My interpretation of the “35” essay prompt hinged on the word “kind”, which was part of the question, “What kind of person do you want to be when you are 35?” I did not give specifics, such as a desired career, other than some examples of the people in my life who inspire me, and I was as honest as possible. I focused on the general direction in which I’m moving. I would have loved to have written an essay with a unique story about how I acquired my aims, but, alas, it did not turn out that way.

It’s hard to say, Luke, if your visions of grandeur will hurt you, when it’s not clear what they are. I mean, “I’m going to write the next great american novel” or “I’m going to cure cancer” will make most people cringe, but I also think that the nature of DS is highly idealistic and Apcom might like to see someone who embodies that.

My SAT score is 1550, though my life, especially the educational component, has been somewhat tumultuous.

To address Wildermind’s question:

You should be worried; I’m worried too. Being worried means that you care, and although it is dark to think that you may not get in, it is also exhilarating to think that you may be admitted! Have faith in yourself. If you feel like you did your best, then you have nothing to regret, and if you feel like you could have done better, apply again next year.

Hey all. Thanks for the comments, hopefully, my essay was at least somewhat up to par with yours! Eagerly awaiting my letter from DS, suffice to say the content will be a gamble to say the least.

Hopefully we all get in and meet up soon! Best of luck to all of you in the upcoming days. Excited and scared!!

Thanks dracollavenore and CoffeeCreek

I cannot believe it is December already. In a perfect world we would be getting replies next week, having seen last year’s thread people said due to the coed responses were coming in late. :(( I cannot have faith in myself, admission processes are subjective so you never know.

When do we get a response?

No problem @Wildermind and @LukeRatkins ?

@Wildermind you have to have faith in yourself! Personally, I have faith in you and everyone else on this thread, after all, it’s only us (from what I’ve seen) who have been proactive enough to seek out others in the same boat and even if we don’t get in, we should be proud for taking the initiative that will serve us greatly in life.

As for the second round, I believe the information gathered through email with Griffin Mahon (Apcom) should be helpful:

“Notifications about admission to the second round will go out around December 21st.”
“All the notifications are sent out at once.”
“Second round dates will most likely be February - March.”
“4 or 5 applicants come twice a week for about a month.”

Hope this helps and have faith in yourself guys!