Deep Springs Admissions

Just as a general observation of the DSC selectivity process (Admissions), do you think they would ever consider someone with a less than impressive GPA and SAT/ACT score record, but someone with a transparent, unvague vision or distinguishing competency? This being displayed in the essays, experiences, work, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, composure, and overall personality of the candidate.

Hi CypressWood, a less than impressive GPA and SAT/ACT score is fine. They are only looking at it to see if you can manage with the workload because Deep Springs is academically challanging. Nonetheless, the SAT/ACT is only a snapshot in ability, therefore, if you are uncomfortable with your score than you don’t have to submit it. Additionally, if you have a valid reason for your GPA being lower than average, such as taking a lot of AP courses or challanging material etc., then I’m sure you’ll be fine. Overall, the essays are by far the most important aspect of the admission process with everything else coming afterwards.

Thank you for the replenishment of beneficial information. I must admit I am to an extent relieved, I could only wish more post secondary educational institutions exhibited this policy. Although, I believe it is vital to clarify that my testing scores and gpa aren’t necessarily below average but not necessarily something I am fond of as they are not, as I perceive, a fair and holistic evaluation of my personal abilities (academically and such).

DSC, according to several sources, has maintained an acceptance rate of approximately 4%. Just for my own reference, do you know of how many applicants there are on average each year or season?

Lastly, the DSC application was recently released yesterday, September 10th, 2019, and I took humble observation of the ‘less than typical’ essay inquiries. In honest opinion, do you think applicants should be regimented in their approach of the essay questions or less formal?

@CypressWood I think it’s around 300 applications a year but it grows with each passing year. Since I didn’t get in last year, I cant really say what the best way to approach the essays are but I generally approach them accordingly to the theme. For example last year they asked whether the sun revolved around the earth or vice versa - I decided to answer in a more scientific way, however, if its something personal like “why deep springs” I think colloquial speech is fine as they want to get to know you rather than a textbook,

@CypressWood if you have any more questions please address them on the main thread, itll get too messy if there are lots of threads with individual queries

Okay, thanks again! You’ve been outstandingly helpful