Deep Springs Applicants 2024

Hi guys! The last forum for Deep Springs 2024 applicants is quite inactive… as decisions are beginning to come out, I was hoping to use this platform to discuss those who were accepted for the visit and those who were rejected. This page can also serve as a helpful prep page for those who were accepted for the visit. I look forward to hearing from other applicants!

Hi there. I unfortunately was rejected, despite my 4.6 GPA, 1570 SAT and 36 ACT. I believe that my supplementals were strong and I had lots of EC’s and many strong leadership roles. I guess nothing is good enough for Deep Springs. Deep Springs was my top choice and the only school I will ever apply to, and because of my rejection I have decided not to attend higher education. Can anyone let me know what their stats were and if you received an invitation for a visit. I hope we can use this forum in a positive way and wishing you all who got that coveted invitation the best of luck!

Hey there, @deepspringsfan69. Sorry to hear that. I’m curious to here from other applicants invited to the Deep Springs visit?

@deepspringsfan69. I know it is not the same at all but if non-traditional college ed is what you are after, then perhaps this is an option… Brutally selective as well

@deepspringsfan69 I’m sorry to hear about that. It’s a loss that deserves to be mourned, if you are like me and have been looking forward to it. If you got an email now (two days before they were supposed to be sent out) does that mean you got rejected, or did it seem like they sent emails to everyone? Also, what did the email say?

College is not everything…

How did everyone respond to the prompts? Just curious…

The email briefly stated that I was not considered for the second round of consideration for Deep Springs College. It was quite a succinct email… did anyone else receive this?

My responses were deeply rooted in my intertwined passions for literature and labor, where classics portray my elegantly academic persona and farming illustrates my relentless passion for labor. The two are almost the antithesis of one another yet coincide quite interestingly, all of which I covered in my poet and mathematician prompt response.

What about you guys?

@ArtsyKidDad I just sent my application to Minerva KGI, which was quite a refreshing application process to say the least. And to @Anonymous3400 in my application to Deep Springs college I wrote about how my time as a martial artist competing at an international level evidenced my devotion to labor and a natural knack for intellect simultaneously. The fervor in which I feel about Deep Springs and its three pillars is evidenced in my position of Student Body President, valedictorian, and both as a Martial Artist and in my charity work building houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina during my four years of high school. To those who did receive an invitation to Deep Springs for an interview I would love a response as to how the process has been this year as well and Good Luck!

Hi everyone! As someone who attended D.S. and as a former member of the applications committee, I just want to let you know that - unlike schools with larger student bodies - D.S. must also take into account how an incoming class will mesh, so a rejection is by no means a judgment passed on your fitness as a potential Deep Springer! Don’t give up hope, and do consider other alternative colleges such as St. John’s or Warren Wilson College. If you are determined to steer clear of traditional schools there are numerous options, but few are well publicized.

Hi @DeepSpringsGrad ! Thanks for your input; definitely helpful! Just curious, what was your experience like at DS?

Hi guys! Is this chat still going on? How r yall doing