Deep Springs Application 2020

Hello, I am sure many are adamant to pursue the application process of Deep Springs College for the 2020-2021 school year, as I am myself. According to the information divulged on their official website, they release the application in September of 2019. Is anyone knowledgable of the specific date of release?

september 10th madood

Thank you, you are very generous. If it is not to much of a burden, may I also inquire upon the deadline of the application?

Hey. I’m applying this year too. I applied a year ago and didn’t make it. Anyone else applied before?

This is my first time, I am a sophomore in University currently and I intend to transfer there if accepted. Do you recall if they every stated a particular deadline for the application?

It’s November 8th I believe. The application was released today.

Yup, application is now open!

Hey owilde99 I applied last year too; it’s a shame that the essay questions are pretty much the same though, I was looking forward to something a little more adventurous

Does the student committee dictate what questions appear on the application?

Hey dracollavenore, how would you summarize your general experience with the DSC application?

Dracollavenore, yep. I applied 2 years ago and they are pretty much the same, bit annoying.

I was reading another forum on DS class of 2017. An accepted student said being very sincere and honest is the key. Don’t write about what you think they’re looking for. Instead, try to really open up and show them who you truly are. My first application was very much the opposite and I tried hard to show them why I was the right fit.

@CypressWood my general feeling, honestly, is that it’s a bit detached. They have a lot of essays and other things to read through so I can understand why there is a somewhat aura of mysticsm but generally unless you email them directly, the questions can be quite mind boggling in the sense that you’re trying to show them who you are but you’re not too sure how you’re supposed to be personal in an academic format.

@CypressWood in what style did you write your essays? Were you being analytical and using citations etc, or were you writing more or less about yourself and your own personal opinions?

Are you referring to my tenure of experience with essays generally or specifically in relation to the DSC application process. If it is the latter, this will be the first occurrence of this happening, I have not applied to DSC beforehand. If not, I would humbly consider myself to project a natural formality, but I invest in simultaneously exhibiting alterations to my writing style based on the prompt/ emphasized criteria.