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I’ve had my interview already. I don’t generally post on forums like this but I’m just so excited to see whether I get accepted or not… after visiting I don’t think I could ever go to a traditional college if I get rejected. Anyone else get this worry? Just have to wait till April, I guess. It’s not even a matter of me having no other options, it’s just that those options seem so crushingly banal and mediocre now that I’ve seen what Deep Springs life is like. That’s probably just because they’re state schools, though, and not really accredited universities.

As you surely know, their acceptance rate is comparable to that of the most selective colleges. I assume most of their applicants feel as you do, that this would be a unique and wonderful opportunity. Nothing more to say, except GOOD LUCK!

@conantheagrarian -

If you loved Deep Springs and for some reason don’t get an offer, be sure to check out Quest University
in Canada -

They have a block system that is more comparable to Colorado College, but the students
are delve deep into the same types of impressive, topics, combined with a work element and more rural location, that Deep Springs has.
Quest is co-ed and slightly larger, but really worth a look.

P.S. good luck with Deep Springs.
Some of the smartest, most interesting people I know have done their two years there,
then gone on to greatness.

Good luck! I hope you get in :slight_smile:

I wish there was a Deep Springs for women…

@greenteen17 - DS has agreed to become co-ed, a process only held up by a few extremely regressive board members/trustees. It’ll come, though, make no mistake.

@marvin100 Wow, that’s news to me! I’m a senior, though, and already applied to colleges. I don’t know much about DS but from what I’ve seen, it sounds like a place I’d love.

Maybe check out Prescott College in AZ. We know a student there who spends most of their semesters in the Rocky Mountains and South America. School is very open and allows enormous opportunities for education outside the classroom. Lots of great nature around Prescott too. They might take a late application. Good luck. (My daughter had been rooting for DS to go coed.)

@conantheagrarian Its reassuring to hear that you had such a positive experience! I too can relate to your dilemma-- it is unlike any other place. I’d be curious to hear more about your visit: What were the students like? What classes did you attend? Did they make you work? Did you have a week or weekend visit?

I’d be excited to talk DS-related stuff (application, attraction, other options, deepest desires…)-- perhaps a personal message would be best suited!

Lets hope we’ll find ourselves in the desert this summer! I wish the best to you in whatever happens.

Hello all,

I am also interested in going to Deep Springs. Would any other international students be able to share their experience with the application process? I would also be curious to hear about your visit. I have very few expectations; maybe this is what intrigues me.

Any updates?

Does anyone know when or how applicants will be notified?

I’m not sure. I think in the past it has been by mail, but considering we were updated by email for second round, who knows. I’m nervous-- we could hear back within the week, or the day before April… I think I will go camping to distract myself

In 2014 the offers came out on April fools day!
I wish I could go camping… All my gear is back home and classes are on

And in 2008 the offers were released from the 23rd to the 26th of March.
I’m basically just going through the previous threads and seeing when people said they got offers

In 2007 some people got their offer on the 15th of march.
In 2006 it was the first week of march, and rejections a week later.
In 2005 it was late February (23~)
Are they just getting lazier? Or probably taking more time makes for better decisions.

“We expect that a final decision on the class of 2017 and wait list will be mailed out by the end of March.”

That’s vague-- the lucky ones may receive their decisions early April, or it could be within the week. I remember hearing that last year they were either sent out or people received them on the last day of March.

My guess is that rejection letters will be sent out later. So if anyone gets in or waitlisted, let us know!

I’m super nervous. I’ll probably message the dude I met there asking about it.

@conantheagrarian let us know if you hear anything