Deep Springs - International Variant?

Hello students, parents and educators, I am starting this thread to generate discussions regarding the possibility of founding an international variant of Deep Springs College in a location outside North America.

I did my first degree at Carleton College, Minnesota, for four years; had I known about DSC at that time, I would have wanted, like nothing else, to spend the first two years there. Having been involved in higher education in Asia and Oceania for many years, I think the Deep Springs (DS) concept will find a receptive audience in many parts of the world, and the educational goals of its founder, Lucien L. Nunn, could certainly be even more richly realized with the infusion of a truly international element. In fact, I have been introducing the DS concept to small but relevant audiences in a couple of countries in Asia and Oceania, and the response I got was always…electric!

So I would like to hear from you your opinion on this idea: Instead of bringing international students and scholars to DS, why not bring the DS concept to the rest of the world? If you are a student, a parent, an educator, or simply a person interested in the DS concept of doing liberal arts education, please chip in!

Joseph L.

As someone from NA I can’t really comment on it’s international impact or potential, but I certainly think it’s a good idea! I’d love to see it happen

YES! I have been looking for a DSC variant in the EU or Africa.

There are several farms through WWOOF France & U.S who offer courses on specific forms of agriculture, but these courses also provide an environment for community discussions on society, politics, media, and literature.

These farms bring together members of diverse backgrounds, usually having some degree of a value of social responsibility. To bring structure (even a title) to this form of communicated educative transmission is something “modern” highschool students, or those on gap year, are gaining more interest in. And to those out of college, who saw their experiences as underwhelming. I think an international variant should be more inclusive of age & educative background as well.