Deep Springs?

<p>I've been on here a decent while & just ran into this school, & it appears to be quite prestigious/competitive. What is it known for? Who is it best for?</p>

<p>Deep Springs is a 2 year college that has 20 male students. The campus is located away from civilization. Students spend their time studying and working the land. After the two years, most of those students end up enrolling at top universities around the nation to finish their last 2 years of university. This is certainly not the type of experience for your "typical" high school student. It is more of a place for intellectual kids who really want to experience education as it once was intended.</p>

<p>Actually, no offense to Alexandre, the school has 26 male students. One of the students in my class will be attending Deep Springs. The rest of what Alexandre said is pretty correct.</p>

<p>The average acceptance rate is about 9-10% and the closest town is Bishop, CA (which has the best bakery ever btw). My friend is very unique in thought and fits the school perfectly. The students at DSC are brilliant people who are trying to get a better understanding of the world in which they live.</p>

<p>Basically, crappy phone lines, non existent internet, three professors, no outside contact, and manual labor. However, students come out of Deep Springs changed people and often get into any university of their choice, including top ivies and what not. Amazing school (free, too, if i remember correctly.)</p>

<p>The New Yorker had an interesting article on it within the last year. Worth a trip to the library.</p>

<p>Deep Springs is weird. There's no other word to describe it. If you are an intellectual who is committed to being intellectual, macho, and aloof from the rest of society, Deep Springs is perfect for you. I don't mean in it a bad way, it's just that the institution is such a drastic change from everywhere else it challenges students to make their own learning environment with limited resources. Do you want to spend hours arguing about getting permission to go to an academic conference? Do you want to work every single day to make the ranch and farm break even? Do you want to go skinny dipping for the heck of it at random times? If so, Deep Springs is for you.</p>

<p>As a side note, the academics are actually not all that impressive. There's no way to AP out of simple intro classes and the course selections are very limited to what the few professors can and want to teach. When I visited, I felt like the courses were not as spectacular as the hoopla around them made them out to be. Those who value intense discussions and close contact with professors will like it much more than those who prefer having lots of options. Personally, I found it a bad match for me but I know others in my visited group who loved it to death. Finding that match definitely plays a big part in the admissions process.</p>

<p>What kind of scores/GPA do you need for deep springs?</p>

<p>Top SAt Score & GPA + top notch essays (6 of them)</p>