Defeatist Vocabulary

<p>**malesh*, int. (and n.)[< colloq. Arabic ma {ayin}alay-{shacek} no matter.] </p>

<pre><code>‘No matter!’, ‘never mind!’ Also as n.: indifference, slackness.*

<p>I will be growling this word on the 16th after I get rejected.</p>

<p>Any other offerings?</p>

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<p>i concur, meh is a fabulous word.</p>

<p>has anyone seen catch me if you can? i love the "do you concur" part. that is a great film. i reccomend it.</p>

<p>yeah, great movie. The "do you concur" part is great. My bio teacher loves quoting that.</p>

<p>I think Leonardo DiCaprio is totally under-appreciated :)</p>

<p>ME TOO!</p>

<p>He's fabulous.</p>

<p>I love him too! Have you seen how brilliant his acting is in "Basketball Diaries" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"...Love those movies...Plus, it doesn't hurt that he's cute ;)</p>

<p>That was a great movie. I love when its the pre-trial hearing and the judge says,"There is no jury...blah blah blah" Good stuff.</p>

<p>haha i say malesh too much these days
ma3lesh :D</p>


<p>Es ist mir egal.
Es macht nichts.
Ich kann besser als Yale tun.</p>

<p>If we're really using Urban Dictionary, then I suggest "ugh"</p>

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