Defering Admission?

Are you allowed to defer admission and go to another school as a non-degree seeking student and transfer that credit back to the institution you have accepted admission at? (In general) The reason I’m doing this is that the school I’m enrolled in is out of state and I want to attend some classes for credit at my local university. My university doesn’t accept financial reasons as an excuse to defer…so I’m a bit confused
I know students aren’t allowed to defer admission and attend another university full-time as a degree seeking student. But I’m not sure about non degree?

In general no, you are not allowed that. You have to have prior approval to transfer in credits. I don’t know enough to say that starting classes elsewhere violates your institutions policies, that is something you have to ask about. But if money is the reason to defer, how do you have the funds to spend on local classes, shouldn’t that be saved? This just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but the main thing is you have to be aboveboard and discuss this with your college to see what they allow. I don’t think anyone here can tell you.