Deferral Acceptance Rate

<p>How is Columbia's acceptance rate of EDers who have been deferred? I heard that it is the same as the rates for RDers, even though they state that "your enthusiasm will be remembered", in a sense saying that the fact that one applied ED would nudge their applications in a postiive way. Are there any definitive statistics on this, or can anyone tell of a personal experiences (not necessarily your own) where they have made Columbia after being defered.</p>

<p>although cold and hard, stats answer this question quite well. lets look at the stats from last year. for columbia college, 590 defered and 67 of which were accepted approx 11% which is slight higher than the RD acceptance rate. for engineering its 8/75 which is also 11%.. and alot lower than the RD acceptance rate. </p>

<p>I'd say these rates might be lower than they actually are for non-legacy deferees since one post on parent's forum mentioned that legacy deferees has a lower chance of being accepted RD (although this may not be the case for columbia)</p>

<p>anyways.. afterall these are just numbers.. what your individual chance is will depend largely on what you do from now on. I wish you the best of luck with your applications and hope you'll be admitted RD.</p>