Deferral Question

<p>Hi. So I was deferred, and while I read the instructions on the Uchicago blog post, I have a couple of questions:</p>

<p>1) When it says "write to your regional admissions officer to reaffirm your interest in the school", I am unsure how many times it is recommended that you write. Should you write only once, and if so, is it better to email your regional adcom immediately, or wait until January/February when they're making decisions? And if it isn't only once, what is the optimal number of times to write to demonstrate maximum interest in the school without becoming ridiculously annoying?</p>

<p>2) Could someone give me examples of what "supplemental materials" might include (and yes, I understand that's optional and that uploading superfluos information won't help my application)? The main thing I was thinking of that might help me is an additional letter of recommendation, but I don't know how I'd go about sending that since I obviously couldn't upload it to my account.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help!(:</p>

<p>Anyone? Please? (:</p>

<p>The UChicago admissions rep. on the Ask a UChicago Admissions Representative thread said that one long, heartfelt email is better than a lot of short ones, and that they prefer emails to paper mail. It doesn't matter when you send it, they will keep it in your file I believe so they will see it when making decisions. This is just what I'm assuming, though. </p>

<p>For the supplemental information, send anything you believe will help you get in, I guess. Also send a midyear report. You will be able to upload new material to your UChicago account. </p>

<p>Good luck, I was deferred too. I hope we see each other at UChicago next year.</p>