<p>I was deferred from Northeastern EA. I honestly was expecting it considering my ACT score is on the lower end. Here are a few of my stats:
GPA: 3.92 with challenging classes
ACT: 26 superscored
ECs: figure skating team, clubs, committed volunteering, college summer programs, summer internships, etc.
Essay: pretty good
Recs: probably pretty good
Interest: visited and info session at NEU</p>

<p>Anyway, i'm wondering if anyone has any advice about what I can do to increase my chances in the RD pool. I know the website says send in updated grades and new achievements. My grades are great this quarter but I don't really have any new achievements. Is it acceptable to send in an additional letter of rec or is that just annoying to the admissions office? Any help on additional materials to send would be great, thanks!</p>

<p>I suppose you could write an email to admissions and reiterate that you think you'll be a good fit at the school, citing your steadfast grades. To me it seems likely that you should be admitted, at least into the NUin program.</p>


<p>Everything seems fine except the ACT. I've no clue if there is a possible way to retake it but do it if it is. Also, what is your SAT score? Everything seems fine otherwise.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>