Deferred. Advice?

<p>Okay, so to boost my chances in the regular decision pool at JHU I</p>

<li>Got a rec from a senior year teacher</li>
<li>Wrote a letter of continued interest</li>
<li>Had an okay midyear report. One C+ in an AP class, but my highest hs GPA in any year.</li>
<li>Contacted my regional rep</li>

<p>Anything else I can do? I can't retake my standardized tests by the way.</p>

<p>Sounds like you've done all you can for JHU.</p>

<p>you've done everything you can. If you've won any significant awards/did some significant activities, make sure that gets through to them.</p>

<p>Yes. I included a bunch of new things in my letter of continued interest: relay for life, volunteering with my job, best delegate award, tutoring, volunteering at a dance for those with special needs, etc.</p>

<p>Thanks by the way. </p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>I have another question and I'm bumping this thread. I want to write an essay about my father. None of my essays were personal and I want to make a personal one. I want to write about he gave me hope in applying to college and the advice he gave me. Thoughts? Would it be too much with the letter of continued interest.</p>