Deferred: Ask them why?

<p>Is it advisable to call up the admissions office, speak to our regional representative and ask why we’ve been deferred, so that we can improve on it in the coming months? Would they tell us?</p>

<p>prob advisable, but give it a little while, cuz right now they're prob swamped with calls, and prob a little pi**ed, cuz a thousand angry parents are calling to demand why their darling wasn't admitted. so be nice, cordial, pleasant...and DO NOT call right away</p>

<p>ne way, they may give you hints, but i doubt they'd tell you outright. mostly its a deference thing. if they say you're SAT is too low, then you get a 2370, they have no good excuse for not taking u, and they want to reserve that right</p>

<p>I guarantee you don't get a straight answer if you try.</p>