Deferred by NC State University 2017

My son just got deferred from NCSU engineering. Does anyone is in the same boat? And what is the next step he can take before March 1? Thanks.

My son was also deferred. I’m not aware of any steps they can take at this point. Had we known he would be deferred he would have had a chance to take the SAT again. Now it’s too late as they scores won’t count. Also, he just finished is classes for his first half of the school year and starts new classes this week. So, the grades he has now is what he will get. Unfortunately, he is suffering from senioritis and getting lazy now that he is close to graduation and made Cs in both AP Physics and AP Statistics. He did finish one community college class and we had the transcripts sent to State. We can’t even get a letter of recommendation because State won’t use it. So bummed.

My son was also deferred from NCSU. Engineering. Straight A’s GPA of 4.875 and SAT of 1220. No senioritis - Got a 97 on his senior project. Eagle scout, Eagle scout project of the year… Tons of EC and AP classes. He was accepted at Penn state, ETSU and UNC Charlotte. At this point we are just going to wait it out and hope for VA tech. If he gets in the second round fine. Depending on Financial package. Also in NC so lets see …

My sons new GPA is 4.96.