Deferred :/ Chance me?

<p>Okay so unfortunately I applied EA and was deferred to RD can you tell me what my chances are of being accepted RD? </p>

<p>For SATs I have 630 math, 600 reading, and 560 writing. So thats a 1230 math/reading combined and 1790 over all. I have a 88.4 GPA and I'm about 29 out of 279 in my class rank. I got a 3 on the AP English Language test last year and this year I'm taking AP Calc, AP Physics, and AP English Lit. I'm in NHS. I'm the captain of the Varsity Cross Country team for the past two year. I play Varsity lacrosse and am part of the Ski Club. I'm in the Symphonic Marching, and Jazz band. I was the treasurer of my schools InterAct Club. And last I work two jobs, cashier at the local grocery store and a lifeguard/swim instructor at my town pool. I'm applying for Engineering Undecided. So what do you think are my chances of being accepted?</p>

<p>My D was deferred also, her gpa and sat's were a little higher than yours. Apparently they had lots and lots of deferrals this year due to the record amount of EA applicants. If you want any chance of getting in RD you have to submit any new information about yourself like any new awards or honors and any new activities or volunteer work you have done. You also have to send in your mid term grades. Go visit if you havent already. Try to contact professors in your intended major and ask questions. They want you to demonstrate a very strong interest. If it is your number one choice, let them know that by telling them you will attend if admitted. Honestly though, your grades and test scores are on the low side for NEU and they have thousands of more qualified applicants than you. But like I said, if this is your dream school do everything possible to let them know you are interested.</p>