Deferred Chances

<p>I applied Oct 5th and found out 2 days ago that I was deferred. Do deferred people tend to get accepted later on?</p>

<p>Hello. If I were you I would start looking at another university to attend, unless you want to attend an OSU regional campus for a year and then transition to Columbus the following year. How do I know? I went through the wringer with OSU last year when I applied to them.</p>

<p>FIRST, I applied for admission and everything back in late October 2010 to the main campus in Columbus. In HS I was very involved (so involved I was voted "most involved" by my class), took PSEOP classes, played varsity sports, held jobs, and had a 3.80 CUM. GPA. AFTER admissions finally let me know of my admission status in January this year, my status went to "Deferred". They told me they'd review my application again, but not until mid-March! So, mid-March rolled around and they updated my admission status yet again, this time it changed to "Wait List Offer." </p>

<p>A few weeks later, I got a letter in the mail from admissions saying that I could either: be placed on the wait list, go to a regional campus, or have the admissions staff pull my application all together. I've always wanted to go to OSU, so I chose to have myself placed on the wait list. I called the admissions staff and they said that they probably wouldn't make a final admissions status until late May/early June (although now it will be earlier since OSU is going to semesters). </p>

<p>So, I waited YET AGAIN and then late May came around and I still didn't know where I was going to school while everyone else in my class knew what they were doing. Finally, they let me know and I wasn't offered autumn quarter admission to OSU as they were full for the Class of 2015 and weren't taking anyone off the wait list. I was however offered summer quarter admission. Had I attended summer quarter, I would have been able to stay on the Columbus campus and continued to take classes there come autumn quarter. </p>

<p>I turned down their offer as I wanted to have a summer with my friends before everyone went their separate ways and to take some time to enjoy myself before starting out in college. I mean, I busted my ass my senior year in HS by taking no "goof-off" classes at my HS and I also too college classes at the local university. So, I just wanted a break. </p>

<p>Anyhow, I chose to attend my back-up university, Kent State University, and I'm actually glad that I went there instead of OSU now. It's the second largest university in the state of Ohio next to OSU, so I was still getting a large university and the city of Kent (or college kids rather) know how to party...especially Halloween! </p>

<p>I also chose Kent because I had gotten $3,500 worth of scholarships from Kent whereas OSU wasn't going to give me any until I was admitted and I wasn't until June 2011, and by that time there was no more money for them to give as they had given out all their money to admitted students a long time ago. So, I was offered nothing but giant loans from OSU and I didn't need that crap. </p>

<p>SO, long story short. You might as well take your sights off OSU if you've been deferred. Start looking for a back-up university, or plan on attending your back-up university as admission to OSU main campus gets more and more competitive every year (which is ******** as it's a state institution). So...there ya have it! Hope my story of experience with OSU admissions and its shenanagains helps you out! Best of luck!</p>