Deferred chances

<p>I'm very distraught over getting deferred to the Rd pool as UM was my first choice/dream school. I was wondering If my chances were significantly different seeing as the Rd pool is not as strong as the ea pool. </p>

<p>What are my chances for Rd now</p>

<p>Gpa 3.4uw 4.0w </p>

<p>Sat- 1250/1840 m-650 cr-600 w-590</p>

6 Ap 2 duel enrollment all honors</p>

<p>Sr year sched</p>

<p>Ap bio
Ap lit
Ap art
Ap gov
Honors calc
Spanish 4 honors</p>

<p>Ecs- a lot don't feel like listing</p>

<p>2 letters of rex and a great essay</p>

<p>If you are full pay and would definitely attend if admitted, let your state admissions rep know....</p>

<p>Last year they waitlisted a number of the deferrals in RD and then admitted them in June....full payers only....</p>

<p>Call your state rep! Mine told us specifically to call her back if I got a deferral because she would walk us through it and tell us what I needed to fix/change and everything.</p>

<p>I appreciate the advice! Thanks. And yes my family is willing to pay full tuition I was not expecting any form of scholarship. Would it really help to notify that I am willing to pay in full? And where could I get the number for florida's rep?</p>

<p>Contact</a> Undergraduate Admission | Enrollment Management | University of Miami Click on your state and it will direct you to their contact info.</p>

<p>I honestly feel like saying that will come off as pretentious far more than it will help you. Besides, anyone admitted from a deferral will be paying full tuition or, at the very least, not merit scholarships from UM.</p>

<p>The idea that whether or not someone is willing to pay full tuition affecting their admissions chances is preposterous insofar as it is assuming that UM wants the money from students paying full tuition. Tuition is such a small percentage of UM's income so as to make $50,000 from one student, or even a handful of students, nearly insignificant. That is, literally, half the amount of money they spend on transporting students to and from football games for one single game. The only reason that I could see for UM taking such factors into consideration is that if a deferred student is not willing to attend the school and pay full tuition then they will not accept the offer of admission, which makes UM have a lesser yield, which ultimately affects UM's ranking and the perception of the school. However, one can assure the admission office that they will attend without sounding pretentions by giving their representative a call, making it clear they want to attend, and asking what they can do to make them more competitive in the regular decision pool.</p>

<p>You can reach admissions at (305) 284-4323, and just ask for the Florida rep.</p>

<p>I wish everyone the best of luck. Don't give up hope. The currently president of Student Government was actually wait-listed when he applied to UM :)</p>

<p>wait Rankir, you said that anyone who is admitted from a deferral will be paying full tuition -- what if i were to get my scores up to above a 31? would i then be able to get at least some merit scholarship?</p>

<p>A university needs to make money so if they KNOW you will come if admitted and can pay in full, it helps. That way they they don't have to gamble on if you will attend and expect a good pay day</p>

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