Deferred Decision Thread

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I was recently deferred from UPitt from their engineering school. I was hoping to have another shot at it. I feel we should all stick together and post stats if we get accepted to it eventually to it. Any suggestions/tips is greatly apperciated.
My stats:
GPA: 3.17
SAT: 1820</p>

<p>Is anyone in the same boat as me? Also, does anyone know if they do phone interviews? I live in NJ, but it would be much easier via the phone.</p>

<p>Yes, they do have phone interviews. You just need to call them and schedule one. Luckily, I was planning a visit the week before my deferral letter so I could meet with them at Pitt. Good luck! They pretty much just ask why you want to go to Pitt, how you will get involved, and what you will do if you don't get into Pitt. Just be prepared and do your research on it because they can tell if you are interested that way.</p>

<p>its ur gpa. now that first semester is over, all you can do is hope that your grades are significantly better. they deferred you to see if you can show them that you can step it up as they obviously have faith in you because they didnt flat out deny them. i think its basically a test</p>

<p>I was just deferred too from Pitt for Engineering. I have pretty much the same stats</p>

<p>Your Math + CR SAT (more importantly) math scores are also important. Also worth a look is the kind of math and science classes you take/took in HS and how you did on them. All of these are big factors into being accepted for SSOE</p>

<p>Well I had a 700 in math and a 550 in CR so a 1250/1600. Currently taking AP calculus AB and was in bio honors.</p>