Deferred [EA] here; Should I switch to ED2 Chicago or stay in the RD pool?

You love MIT and you have family in Boston and it sounds like it’s important to you. So why would you consider Chicago when you clearly don’t want to be there?

Why not Brandeis as a “target” - vs. hoping for the possibly impossible.

That’s what I’d do. Good luck!
BTW, Northeastern has a great chemistry department. Just an option for you.

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Yeah, or BC… or Tufts. BU. There are a bunch of good schools in the greater Boston area, and – while still pretty selective – are not as hard to get into as MIT.

So – figure out whether your affinity for Boston in general is greater than your interest in studying at UChicago.

FWIW, it isn’t too terribly difficult to fly from ORD to Logan if you feel the need for fam.

Rejected from UChicago ED2. Not really sure how to feel, given that RD reach acceptances are so unlikely, and that’s basically all I have left :frowning:

I’m sorry U Chicago didn’t work out. Have you been accepted to any safeties?

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I barely applied to any safeties (arguably only UCSC). Haven’t been accepted into any college yet.

Looking like gap year or transfer into a good UC is my best bet.

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Which schools do you have left to hear from? You have strong stats, I would not be panicking yet.


Of the UCs: UCB (rejected regents), UCLA, UCI, UC Davis, UCSD, UCSC
Reaches: MIT, Northwestern, UPenn, JHU, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Stanford, CMU, UMich
Targets: CWRU, Northeastern, Boston University

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I think you are going to see some acceptances in RD. I know the waiting is hard though so hugs to you! Please come back and let us know where you land.


Thanks for the kind words–any thoughts on colleges that you think may take me?

UCB is not a reject. You were not invited to interview for Regents only. UCB decisions should be posted March 30 so still in the running for an acceptance.

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I was turned down from the regents program, which is actually pretty worrying considering a fair amount (nearly 10) in my graduating class received an interview offer.

You have the stats to be competitive anywhere. U Chicago is a lot different than most of the other schools on your list so I wouldn’t assume that decision is predictive of the others.

In the unlikely event that you don’t have acceptances, there will be a list of schools released in the Spring that didn’t meet their anticipated numbers that will re-open applications. There are always some good schools on that list.


UCB interviews around 800 applicants for about 100-150 Regent spots out of 125,000 applicants. Not getting Regents at UCB does not you mean you are not competitive or in contention for Regents at the other UC campuses. I am sure you will have several UC options by the end of March. Hang in there.


Right now is a difficult time as you are looking at (if I am reading this correctly) one rejection, one deferral, and so far no acceptances.

However, it is still very early in the process. You still have superb stats and some very good experiences. You still have applications into a long list of very good universities.

I think that you will get multiple acceptances to very good universities. At this point we just cannot predict where it will be. At the risk of repeating myself from above in this same thread: I think that you are going to do very well wherever you end up.

I think that you should just try to take your mind off of applications, focus on staying ahead in your class work, and try to relax and have some fun.

And let us know when the acceptances start coming in.


You have lots left and in the highly unlikely situation a school doesn’t accept you, there’s still great schools - like a U of Arizona - that you could get in last minute. It’s not really that different than a solid UC.

But I think it’s waaaaay too early to panic but you are a cautionary tale for others given your profile.

I wish you luck.

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Not to mention the fact that OP is a National Merit Semifinalist (soon to be Finalist) and I believe there are a number of schools still taking applications that give full rides for National Merit. As far as I can tell from their websites, Alabama, UT-Dallas, and U Tulsa are all still taking applications, probably others.

The big National Merit-award schools make terrific safeties for National Merit students. My own kid is at one, as are a number of his classmates.


Good point and frankly likely better than UCs…if looking from a financial POV and no worse than most UCs if location, etc is not an issue.

In other words no one cares if you go to Bama or Tulsa or UC Davis. Only US News.

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Thank you so, so, so much for the kind words everyone :relaxed: You all have given me so much hope. I’m just really hoping to get into a good biochem / chemical engineering program. Considering that, it might even be a blessing that I got rejected from Uchicago given its relative weakness in engineering…


Someone once told me, “Sometimes your bad luck is actually your good luck.” So while I know these deferrals/rejections sting right now, you sound amazing and you have some really solid possibilities coming down the pipeline - I feel like you’re going to land exactly where you’re meant to be. Good luck!