Deferred enrollment and want to applying as a transfer to other colleges

I was accepted to school A for fall of 2021 but I deferred my enrollment until fall 2022 due to personal reasons. However, I’d like to applying to other schools in the meantime, I was wondering if it would be possible and would I be in any trouble? I’d like to keep my spot at school A as my backup if I want to apply again.

You have to ask USC. It is saving a spot for you and you agreed to go there. If you now want to apply to other schools, they may want to release your saved spot.

I don’t think that is the case, check your deferral letter. I believe most will say that you can’t enroll or take classes as another accredited college or university, but it may not say anything about applications. Since you didn’t take any classes yet, you would be applying as a new student not a transfer though. I don’t think it’s unusual for students taking a gap year to have a change of heart about where they want to go to college. In a “non-Covid” year the average return rate for deferrals is about 90% but I would guess that that number drops.

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@Novacat9191 @twoinanddone Thank you both for your information. To elaborate, I actually attended a small four year college before getting accepted into school A as a transfer so I’ll be an incoming junior. Since I’m taking a gap year and have successfully deferred it should be fine if I apply to other colleges in the meantime right?

Is there some kind of letter or agreement they sent you? If you attend another school you will likely lose your deposit which may be OK. Just be careful that you are not violating some agreement should you decide you want to attend the deferred school.


When they accepted my deferral, all it said was that I couldn’t take any courses over the year. They don’t say anything about applying to other colleges. Should I contact my counselor? I’m afraid if I do, that they will revoke my spot.