deferred from cornell. new sat score

<p>hey guys so i took the sat three times. my first score was really really bad lets not even get into it. </p>

<p>for my second score i got 650 r, 640 m, 710 w. Math 1-710
I took the sat in dec without studying and got 640 r, 670 m, 660 w. </p>

<p>Cornell's 25% is 630 r, 660 m</p>

<p>I know both scores are pretty low for cornell but should I submit my new scores even though my reading went down by 10 writing went down by 50 and only math went up by 30, and it was my third time taking the sats? </p>

<p>Thanks a lot guys</p>

<p>I think it depends on your first i.e. how three scores are compared each other. Honestly, although Universities say they superscore, they can clearly see the other marks. Judging from your new score, I don't think it's wise to send it. 30 points in math is not worth it, that's pretty much like 1-2 question(s)</p>

<p>Did you call them to find out why you were deferred? If it was because of SAT scores, THEN you should figure out if you want to send it or not.</p>

<p>isnt that kind of weird to call and ask why i got deferred. also is there any point in sending the third score to my other schools like colgate, lehigh, emory, vanderbilt, syracuse, and bucknell. because the 670 in math would actually put me in the 25%</p>

<p>I don't see how sending the new score could hurt, at least it shows that you're trying. I dont' think it is good enough to get you admitted though.</p>

the 670 in math would actually put me in the 25%


<p>It might be worth it. Your reading score didn't change significantly, and having both scores in the middle 50% might "look" better. Like the above poster pointed out, it at least demonstrates your efforts to improve. However, I'm not sure that this change will necessarily make or break the deal.</p>

<p>Youre still not getting in, your mom hates your dad, and your adopted.</p>

<p>kclee12 takes the gold for trolling the forums -- but i think ur rejected, sorry kid - study more for the SAT lol</p>

<p>Acceptd thats pretty rude of you to say especially since with your 1980 I'm still 50 points above you on the SAT's and u managed to somehow get into Stanford.</p>

<p>I got accepted with 590 R 750 M [530 W << If they even still look at this, which they probably don't].
If you got deferred, it's not going to be your SAT's. Probably was your essays weren't convincing/memorable enough.
You still have pretty good odds in terms of being accepted anyways in RD, since they know you wanted to go here for ED.
If you can send the SAT scores for free, then it wouldn't hurt exactly. It just nudge, and only nudge a bit.</p>

<p>playhacker which school did you get into?</p>

<p>from what i've read/seen on this forum, cornell doesn't look at the writing score.</p>

<p>"Acceptd thats pretty rude of you to say especially since with your 1980 I'm still 50 points above you on the SAT's and u managed to somehow get into Stanford." </p>

<p>what the hell? lol - you got me confused with somebody broski..
1) It's not rude of me, it was my honest opinion - which is what i'm hopng you asked for, not ppl to coddle you like a four year old
2) I got a 2250 (710/740/800) on my SAT.. idk who you got me confused with but ****.. no...
3) I didnt get into Stanford/even apply to Stanford.. idk who ur confusing me with -- stop lol</p>

<p>again - id still say no.</p>

<p>you guys are cut-throat in here. holy crap... Anyway, listen up. You absolutly have a chance. Honestly, luck plays her fatal hand more than anything else. Valedictorians get rejected and average students are accepted. It's all about who reads your application, what kind of mood they're in, and how often you have been praying to God. Despite what others have been saying, I think you'll get in. I hope so at least. (Actually, I'm responding quite late, so I hope you GOT in. lol)</p>

<p>You do know that this thread was from 2 years ago right?</p>