Deferred from Illinois... Appeal?

<p>I finally found out what it means for my admission decision to be "Deferred" for University of Illinois @ Urbana Champaign. I got a letter today telling me that their admissions committee has held off on a decision for me until they see my Spring 2005 transcripts.</p>

<p>This poses a problem for me. My Spring semester ends June 1st, and grades for the semester won't be posted until (at the earliest) the very end of June. By the time my mailed transcript gets to Illinois, it'll be early July, and it would take them until early August to decide on my admissions. Illinois starts on the 24th of August, so I have barely a few days to register for classes, visit Illinois to get an apartment and living area, and finally move there. A few days isn't enough for me to move my entire life over.</p>

<p>I'm thinking about emailing their admissions and explaining this to them. I figure it can't hurt... Illinois is my first choice, so its really disappointing to have to turn it down. But, I'm wondering... do you think it will help?</p>

<p>Maybe, you should suggest mid-term grades.</p>

<p>"grades for the semester won't be posted until (at the earliest) the very end of June"</p>

<p>Maybe you can ask your profs for your grades a little early so that you can send them to UI. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.</p>

<p>My professors generally post grades within a week of semester closing... But the problem is, my school takes FOREVER to process them and put them onto my official transcript. There's no way I can speed that up :(</p>