Deferred from Pton- horrible mid-year report?

<p>I got deferred from Princeton, and my grades are not looking good this year. I am really worried that my senior year will hurt my chance not only in Princeton but also in other RD schools. Here are my courses and unofficial grades:</p>

<p>AP Ecology: A
Hon. Physics: borderline between A and B (depends on my midterm exam)
AP Comparitive Gov't: A
AP Calc: A
Craft IV: A
AP Literature: B
AP Biology: borderline between A and B (depends on my midterm exam and last test)</p>

<p>I'd say 1 B won't kill you, but you better have done decent on those exams. I was deferred Wharton and I too will probably have a B in Honors Physics due to the midterm</p>

<p>so, 1 B is okay? what about 2? 3?</p>

<p>Personally, I'd say 2-3 will probably do you in unless you have a major national EC to add to your app.</p>