Deferred from Vassar?

So I just got my Vassar decision. I got deferred. Does anyone know how common this is and how likely it is that I get in? Is my application still binding? Anyone else deferred from Vassar?

I’m sorry you received a deferral. Your application will get another review in the RD round, and you are released from the ED binding contract with the deferral. So, you are free to apply ED2 at another school, and of course you can send in additional EA and RD apps as well.

You should send a letter of continued interest to you Vassar AO, and they will also look at your semester one grades. Vassar does not make deferral acceptance data public AFAIK…did they give any indication how many ED applicants were deferred?

Good luck.


Thanks so much for the response. I did not receive any information about how often deferrals happen, unfortunately.

Keep you chin up, you are still in the vassar pool. Just make sure you have applied to some match schools and at least one, ideally two, affordable safeties. Good luck.