Deferred from Wharton Ed chance me again so anxious imo for this Loss in december

Academics Selective entrepreneurship program 10% ar in 8th grade application process 3.9 uw 4.5 w 8/405 ranking 8aps 1 daul enrollment rest honors Test optional:) except uva and unc

Hooks:first gen low income , urm, school never sent/applied anyone to T20s , Richmond va

Intended majors East Asian studies , history , entrepreneurship

ECs Class president 3 years Deca 4 years rose from a historian(9th) to president(12th) Track and field varsity 3 years field captain (10-11) Mentor program Vice President since 10th Created a tutoring club since 9th grade Created Econ and finance club and history club in 10th grade Run a history meme page 5k followers (sent in an update, not with initial app) Created social impact YouTube channel not popular 100+ hours at hospital volunteer since 10th grade Mentor and tutor at daycare since 10th Beta club historian(11th) Vice President(12th)

Awards Coca Cola semi-finalist Deca state finalist 2 times 4-time deca districts winner School entrepreneur of the year award 2 times Best school business pitch 2 time

Recs Just said how goated I was since I was lthe only sweat at my school Like I’m the only person from my school applying to these schools so

Essays (not gonna cap but pm if you wanna do a further chance)

Additional info section: Just mentioned how I missed a lot of schools to help my parents with minority-owned businesses across my state.
A 40-minute drive from school limited outside of school involvement
Dad always being sick and having a heart attack and having to quit ECS during junior year
Entrepreneurship program limited rigor classes

Acceptances/deferrals so far Asu Uva Unc KG direct Umich USC. Merit scholarship
Umami full-ride Ohio state honors fishers
Deferred from UPenn Wharton

Waiting on

Harvard -history Cornell dyson Duke history /entrepreneurship Northwestern history Dartmouth history Stanford history Rice history Columbia history/biz management Georgetown MSB Wharton come back Vandy Econ history & hod Emory entrepership CMU Tepper NYU stern/Shanghai UCB gmp UCLA history

What I sent in my loci was helping inner city business out and getting help from the head of the consulting program at Penn and also reached out to history teachers
become deca president and vice president of the beta club winning districts.

you have a chance still at a lot of these plcaes, but remember that USC, UVA and UMich are excellent places and are great options for your goals and dreams. Your EC’s and hook are really strong and you seem like a qualifed candidate for a good number of schools remaining on your list.

you’re right just got into Vanderbilt via mosaics