Deferred from Yale, where to next?

Hello! I know that deferred does not mean denied, but I need to keep my options open. My parents and I want to apply to 1-2 more top 20/ivy school. I was wondering if anyone had any testimonials as to why they chose their school.

I’m applying for political science, so any school with great social science programs would be of interest to me. From Nevada. In my opinion, strong application all around. Just want to shoot my shot. C

I have applied to Yale, Vanderbilt, UVA, UNC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC and UW (along with two safeties) & plan to apply to UPenn and Duke as well.

I’ve been looking at Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Northwestern, Cornell, Northeastern, and BU.

I’m pretty flexible with schools, but I do not want to go to a LAC or religiously affiliated school. Ideally, schools would also be medium in size (6000+) & have a beautiful campus. Other than that, any advice or suggestions are appreciated! Thank you so much!

Tufts would be an overlap with several on your list. Georgetown, perhaps?

Unrelated to the OP’s question, but I took a look at the campus beauty website and it feels wrong. Like how is Berkeley on it, but not Trinity College, Colby College, and Duke?

A strong case could be made against the exclusion of other schools as well, such as Colgate, Cornell, Princeton, Scripps and Reed.

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Rice University would be a good addition to your list. Rice has a very good political sci department, no religious affiliation, and a beautiful campus. Rice has a residential college system similar to Yale’s. My daughter was deferred SCEA at Yale and ended up at Rice. She couldn’t be happier.


Any list that doesn’t include USC and Stanford which are both stunning is dubious.